Meet Scott Cohen

Meet Omega's very own, Scott Cohen! He works in our Sales department working on business development. You might have met him at one of our last trade shows. Scott is responsible for account research,  attending trade shows and connecting to new potential customers, specifically in life science applications. Scott also visits customers to discuss new... Continue Reading →


Meet Local Optics Artist Chris Jeffrey

Chris Jeffrey is a local Vermont artist with many years in creating stained glass pieces. He has recently developed a fondness for working with Omega filters. Jeffrey was still working a day job when he began using glass as his art medium. At the spur of the moment, Jeffrey took a stained glass class at... Continue Reading →

CYTO 2019

CYTO 2019 was eventful to say the least! Staff Scientist Dr. Sarah Locknar, Business Development Manager Scott Cohen, and Marketing Specialist Erin Hartgraves, represented Omega at the show in Vancouver. They met with customers and had the opportunity to attend talks on new SONY Biotechnology, and New Frontiers in Single Cell Biology: Epigenetics and Metabolomics.  ... Continue Reading →

34th Anniversary of Omega in Space

Yesterday was Omega's 34th anniversary in space! On July 2, 1985, the Giotto Spacecraft was launched by the European Space Agency (ESA) with Omega Filters on board. This was the first time Omega had filters that ventured into space and it wouldn't be the last. The Giotto was built to study Halley's Comet. The Halley... Continue Reading →

What Is Flow Cytometry?

Flow cytometry is a quick way to evaluate a large number of cells in solution. In a clinical (hospital) setting, it is often used to count cells of various types, often in blood or plasma. For instance, counting white cells. The cells pass single-file through the detection system which typically consists of laser-based forward and... Continue Reading →

Meet Dr. Sarah Locknar

Meet Omega R&D Staff Scientist and Technical Business Development Manager, Dr. Sarah Locknar! Dr. Sarah Locknar in one of the R&D labs on the Omega Campus After finishing a double major in Biology and Chemistry at Butler University in Indianapolis, Sarah received her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University, & later served as... Continue Reading →

See You at CYTO 2019!

Join us at CYTO in Vancouver June 22-26! Omega will be at Booth 226 showcasing its 50 year history, including ~40 years of expertise in fluorescence filter development for microscopy and flow cytometry. Attending will be Sarah Locknar, Ph.D., Project Manager for Fluorescence Filters and R&D Project Scientist, and Scott Cohen, Business Development Manager for... Continue Reading →

Thank you for the Opportunity!

On July 7, 2003 the Opportunity Rover launched its journey to Mars. It landed nearly 6 months later to begin its survey mission. The Rover was equipped with a number of instruments including the HazCam, SunCam, NavCam and PanCams which were fully equipped with Omega filters. The PanCam was the only camera that had the ability to... Continue Reading →

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